Best World Cup Party Favors

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Photo taken on Feb 23 shows the accident site at a lead, zinc and silver mine under Yinman Mining Company in West Ujimqin Banner, Xilingol League, North China"s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/Xinhua]

Multiple violations of regulations are believed to have caused the accident in coal mine in Xiliin Gol League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, which killed at least 21 miners on board a shuttle bus down a mine shaft, China Central Television reported.

The shuttle crashed into the side of the tunnel on Saturday morning after a brake failure. The accident left 29 injured.

Pei Wentian, director of the safety production department of the Ministry of Emergency Management, a member of the investigation team, was quoted on Monday saying that the company, Yinman Mining Co, reportedly bought the shuttle bus through an illegal channel.

According to Pei, the bus did no pass any safety checks. In addition, the bus had the capacity to transport only 30 passengers, but it had 50 people on board when the accident occurred.

The company also violated the safety facilities design regulations and used the ramp for personnel transport, Pei said.

The official added that the company seriously violated the requirements of production suspension and resumption of work.

The company reported to relevant departments that it would not stop production during the weeklong Spring Festival holiday starting Feb 4, but in fact, it stopped production on Jan 15 and resumed work without authorization from Feb 13.

Yang Zekun contributed to this story.

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